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Using Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

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Using Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

You can do several things to increase interest in your home when it comes time to sell. A straightforward way to help with the sale of your home is to put on a fresh coat of paint. Fresh paint creates a more neutral environment, so buyers are more likely and easily able to envision themselves in the space. The house also looks clean and untouched. Not only does fresh paint help you to sell your home, but paint selection also makes a difference. According to a 2017 Zillow analysis of more than 32,000 photos from sold residential properties, specific colors can boost or crimp a home’s selling price. recently compiled a list of the best colors to paint your home before selling in 2022.

White Paint
White is a popular color, but you must be careful and choose a pure shade. The undertones can make your home seem cold and unwelcoming or dingy and dirty. If used correctly, white makes your home look bigger and brighter. Buyers will find the right shade of white appealing.

Stick to Neutrals
Neutral colors mean a less personalized and more neutral space for buyers. If a buyer can envision themselves in your home, it means less work for them when it comes time to move in. Buyers don’t want to feel like they will have to paint before moving. Also, a neutral backdrop means buyers can easily imagine their own furniture and décor in the home. Neutral colors appeal to a more general population and therefore increase potential buyers for your home. You can’t go wrong with a neutral paint color.

The Best Neutrals
The top two neutral colors right now are gray and beige, or even a combination of the two. When combined, gray and beige is called greige. This color is thought to be more sophisticated and welcoming than just gray or beige alone. Gray and beige both appeal to male and female buyers. They are also safe colors and can be easily painted over if the buyer chooses to do so.

Add Some Color
It is suggested that while you stick with one neutral color for larger spaces, it is safe to use color for smaller areas. Light colors, such as pale blue, make small spaces appear lighter and more spacious. In fact, on average, houses with white bathrooms sold for $4,035 less. According to, pale blue is the best color for small spaces, including the laundry room. The color is fresh, clean, and soothing.

When In Doubt
Don’t doubt the process and stick with light, neutral colors. Painting is not only a fast way to help you sell your home but is also a cheaper way than other options. New paint is also one of the easiest ways to significantly impact potential buyers. Neutral colors keep things simple for you and the buyer, saving you both time and money. You can also use fresh paint to hide age, inconsistencies, stains, cracks, odors, and more! Keep things simple, and you will sell your home in no time!

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