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Tips for Saving Money On Your Summer Electric Bill

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Tips for Saving Money On Your Summer Electric Bill

The sweltering South Carolina summers can be overwhelming for first time residents. Fortunately, keeping cool in your home can be easily manageable. These days there are plenty of devices that are equipped for temperature control that do not require much effort.

These are just a few solutions for maintaining low utility bills when the temperature gets high.

Google Nest Digital Thermostat

Temperature controlled thermostat

Digital thermostats are nifty new devices that are somewhat new to the market. The initial purchase may be an investment, but the long-term savings are more than enough to cover the cost. Some thermostats have a self-learning mode where the device notices the temperatures you prefer throughout the day. Another perk is that they can be adjusted through an app that you download on your smart phone. This feature allows you to change the temperature while you’re away at work or on vacation. You’ll never have to second guess yourself about turning up or down the thermostat again!

Choose fans over A/C

Overall, ceiling fans and portable fans use much less electricity than traditional air conditioning units. They can be purchased for a reasonable price at any hardware store or online at most retailers.

Unplug unnecessary devices

When appliances aren’t being used they can still suck power throughout the day. This phenomenon is called “vampire power” or “phantom power,” and believe it or not, it’s costing you money. It’s estimated that across the country Americans are spending $19 billion a year on vampire power devices, or roughly $165 per household. Examples of these electricity suckers are mostly everyday items that stay plugged in outlets infinitely. The most common culprits of vampire power appliances are electric toothbrushes, coffee makers, digital clocks, microwaves, stereos, printers, and basically anything that’s never unplugged. You can remedy this but simply unplugging any electronic device that you don’t see yourself using in the near future. Once you unplug, you’ll start seeing those savings add up.

Check Insulation

Air could be escaping through your windows or doors, and you might not even realize it! Make a list of every possible crack or openings in your home where air might be seeping. Foam pipping insulation is a cheap quick fix for improving air circulation. You can usually find these materials at any home improvement store.

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