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Things to Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage


Real Estate Tips

Things to Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage

Buying your first home can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Many first-time buyers tend to make several missteps in the mortgage and home-buying processes. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Try not to make any changes to your annual income. Do not quit or switch jobs.
  2.  Do not buy big-ticket items: a car, a boat, furniture, appliances, or jewelry. No major purchases! 
  3. Keep all your bills current and make no late payments.
  4. Do not pay off charges or collections.
  5. Do not open or close any lines of credit or let someone run a credit check. Also, do not cosign a loan with anyone. 
  6.  Do not make any large or unusual deposits to your accounts outside of your paycheck. 
  7. Do not change your bank account. 

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