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The Scoop on South Carolina’s Melt

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The Scoop on South Carolina’s Melt

So you’re heading to the beach and your sweet tooth is craving something. Where do you go? Well, a block away from the beach is one of the most popular ic cream shops in the country.

Sprinkles. Waffle cones. Chocolate Chips. However, you enjoy your cold treat there are plenty of options to choose from.

Most of their ice cream flavors are made in-house and even include some vegan offerings. Be sure to check their Facebook page for updates as their flavors change frequently. More than likely, a flavor you’ve been wanting to try may not be around next time so be sure to take advantage of their available scoops while you can.

Not only has Melt been nominated for the Best Ice Cream of the Grand Strand by local media outlets, but they have gained national buzz by being named The Best Ice Cream Shop in South Carolina by Travel and Leisure.

Melt is a perfect place to take curious renters or visiting family and friends. Show them how great it can be living so close to one of the best ice cream shops in the U.S.

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