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The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach houses animals with no place to go and is a safety factor for the community, taking in the strays that might roam the communities of North Myrtle Beach real estate.  They are a well-respected agency, providing a much-needed service for the citizens of Horry County.

The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach is located at 409 Bay Street close to North Myrtle Beach houses for sale.  Their mission is to “find permanent, loving, “forever” homes for homeless cats and dogs in the North Myrtle Beach area, as well as to provide spay/neuter clinics and education about pet care and the importance of spaying/neutering your pets.”  They are a non-profit organization that operates on donations and funds from memberships.

They are currently having a membership drive—locals living in North Myrtle Beach real estate or tourists renting North Myrtle Beach condos are welcome to check out.   The organization is made up of members of the community that vote on the board of directors and bylaws that govern what the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach can and cannot do.  The membership fees make it possible for the shelter to remain open and continue to keep the stray animals and community safe.   If you are interested in becoming  a member, visit

They house the stray animals that Animal Control of North Myrtle Beach pick up around the area.  The shelter was originally built to hold the stray animals for seven days and then euthanize them if they were not claimed by a resident living in North Myrtle Beach real estate, but they no longer euthanize the animals.  Now that the Human Society of North Myrtle Beach (HSNMB) is operating the shelter, they are a “No Kill” shelter.  If the stray animals are not claimed after seven days, the HSNMB help them find homes through adoption programs and marketing the animals on Facebook.

The HSNMB has room to house 40 dogs and 200 cats, but need more space; therefore, they have launched a campaign to get the funds to build a bigger, more effective animal shelter. Per the Director of the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, Sandi Kendrick, “The shelter has a dedicated, talented team, providing excellent customer service for the animals and our clients.  The shelter has been operating out of a dated, inefficient building, and our time has come!  We are moving forward to build a new shelter for the animals and our community.  Won’t you join us?”  For more information about their Capital Building Campaign, My Legacy, go to

Volunteers are the backbone of the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, and they solicit volunteers of all ages, starting at 11-12 years old with a parent while children ages 13 to 18 years of age can volunteer without parents.  There are many jobs that the volunteers can do starting with general housekeeping and dishwashing to dog training, cat cuddling, groomer/bather, fostering pets, clerical work, event planning, making pet toys, sewing pet beds, adoption events associate, and the list goes on.

The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach needs your help in many different ways.  If you cannot volunteer, but have old blankets, old dog or cat beds, or dog toys, please donate them.  They can also use items such as cat litter, dog food, cat food, cat toys, collars, leashes and many other items that are listed on their website.

The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach has had great success with their partnership with the community and other City and County organizations.  Here are just a few of their 2016 accomplishments:

  • 458 volunteers who donated 15,477 hours on their time to this worthy organization.
  • 782 animals were adopted
  • 107 lost animals were reunited with their owners
  • 788 pets were micro-chipped
  • 1,083 homeless animals found shelter
  • 186 animals were fostered
  • 95 animals were spayed/neutered through S.N.A.P.
  • 50,000 pounds of pet food was donated.

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