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Spring Palettes & Color Schemes to Brighten Your Home

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Spring Palettes & Color Schemes to Brighten Your Home

Spring is almost here, and many of you have probably already started your spring cleaning.  The bright sunshine and fresh spring air usually inspire us with a burst of energy.  Now that you are feeling energized, you might decide to brighten up your home with fresh new spring colors.  Today, we are going to discuss decorating with spring colors and how to use them to create a grand color scheme that you will love.

Looking forward to Spring and Summer, there are five palettes that you might want to try that will brighten your home as you get ready for your fun in the sun.  These were taken from and described below.

Serene Summer: During Spring and Summer, color combinations reflect all spectrums of the rainbow with a broad range of colors.  Soft greens and blues should dominate the color scheme with small touches of faded orange and red to make the room pop.

Coastal Resort: This color palette was inspired by a coastal beach with a blue sky accented by green palm trees.  As you can see, you will be using an ocean blue with a sky blue complementing it along with a sand color to represent the coast.  The green gives you a pop of color and of course, a cool weathered gray representing the beach houses as the weather from the elements.

Amazing Grace: This is a western wheat field-inspired color palette that is sunny, but soft.  The muted gold and amber tones work well with wood textures.  The small touches of brick red and taupe can add some zest to your room.

Sweet Sorbet: Just think of creamy sorbet on a hot day when envisioning this color palette.  You can transform your living room into an assortment of fruit flavors, from tart raspberries to juicy Georgia peaches as seen below:

Bold is Beautiful: Bright, bold, and high energy; this palette contains three brights that are balanced by cool gray tones.  It makes the perfect ensemble for a home that already has pure blacks and whites.

Balancing Your Color Schemes:

Now that you have a color palette to choose your colors from, you might wonder how to use them to make your room beautiful.  According to, there is a fail-safe way to distribute the colors harmoniously and make your colors pop.  It is called the 60-30-10 rule.  First, you need to divide your space in terms of 60-30-10 percentages.  The 60% is the unifying color, while the 30% provides the visual interest  and the 10% adds the sparkle. 

“So, when decorating a particular room, divide the colors into percentages:
60% of a dominant color
30% of a secondary color
10% of an accent color

Translated to a room setting, it typically means:
60% of the room’s color is the walls
30% of the room’s color is the upholstery
10% of the room’s color is, say, an accent piece or a floral arrangement” (

Now that you know how you might want to use the color in our rooms, you might want to create your own color palette.  The simplest way is to narrow your choices by using a color wheel and picking two color schemes.  The color wheel has complementary colors and analogous colors.

Complementary Color Scheme:

The complementary colors are across from each other on the color wheel such as red and green, blue and yellow, or purple and orange.  Complementary color schemes are usually used in more formal areas of the home such as the formal living or dining room, because they provide a clear separation of colors and are more visually challenging.

Analogous Color Scheme:

The analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel, such as yellow and green, blue and violet, or red and orange.  Analogous colors are usually used in informal areas of the home such as family rooms, dens, and bedrooms, because they are more causal, restful and muted in terms of coloration.

Don’t Forget the Black:

“This is an old adage in interior design. By adding a black element — say, a black box, lampshade, picture frame or other accent — you clarify and enhance all the other colors in the space. Try it — it really works!” ( Now, you are armed with all the information you need to create a great color scheme to transform your home into your very own work of art.  Have fun as you create your special retreat that reflects the energy you desire—calm, relaxing, energizing, fun, etc.

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