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The SOS Fall Migration 2017

SOS Fall Migration 2017 shag dancing

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The SOS Fall Migration 2017

Summer is ending and it is time for thousands of shaggers to migrate back to the “Home of the Shag”, Ocean Drive, or Main Street in North Myrtle Beach more specifically.  All of the famous SOS lounges are located either on or within walking distance of Main Street such as Fat Harold’s, Ducks, Duck’s II, the OD Arcade, the Pirate’s cove, and the Spanish Galleon.

The Society of Stranders (SOS) have been anticipating the SOS Fall Migration 2017 since the SOS Spring Safari 2017, which was held for ten days in April.  The SOS Fall 2017 Shag Party is considered to be one of the largest adult parties on the East Coast, and of course, the other is the SOS Spring 2017 Shag Party.

Each of the lounges have their own flavor, so the Stranders will be making the rounds, filling up Main Street, greeting old friends, reliving memories of their youth, and dancing to their favorite beach music.  The fun is not limited to indoor activity, it is truly a party in the streets with bands playing in front of Ducks, on the Horseshoe and near the OD Arcade.

Each of the lounges have a schedule of times and bands playing in their venue.  The Spanish Galleon SOS schedule includes the Band of Oz, Jim Quick and Coastline, the Fantastic Shakers, the Entertainers and the Tams.  Fat Harold’s band lineup includes Too Much Sylvia, the Catalinas, The Entertainers, Jim Quick and Coastline, and the Fantastic Shakers.  Some of the bands that Ducks will be showcasing are Blackwater Rhythm and Blues, Envision Band, Steve Owens & Summertime, and Gary Lowder & Smokin Hot.

Many of the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (ACSC) will schedule “tea parties” in the SOS lounges.  The venues will also schedule special parties for the Stranders as well as workshops for the shaggers to either advance their skills or add to their repertoire of dance moves.  Dance instructors will be offering dance lessons to tourists and locals that want to learn how to shag.

Of course, anytime there is a congregation of the Society of Shaggers, there has to be dance contests, and SOS Myrtle Beach Fall 2017 is no different.  The OD Arcade & Lounge will sponsor the Pro Shag Contest on Wednesday, September 20th, at 2:00 P. M.  Since SOS Myrtle Beach 2017 is not only about the Pro Shaggers, there will be a Rookies Revenge Contest at 8 P. M. on Tuesday, September 19, and a Smoothies Contest on Thursday, September 21, at 2:00 P. M.  If you are a shagger with skills, why not put on your “shagging” shoes and sign up to compete.

We have saved the best for last.  On the first Sunday and only Monday of the 2017 Fall Migration, everyone meets in the street for “Fun Sunday” and “Fun Monday”.  These are two of the largest block parties you have ever seen.  On “Fun Sunday”, the block party will be in front of OD Arcade & Lounge with some your favorite beach music to help you shag the day away with a few thousand other beach music enthusiasts.

On “Fun Monday”, Main Street will be packed from the horseshoe to Hillside with shaggers that are both local and tourists.  There will be lots of dancing in the streets along with food and drink vendors, merchandise vendors and SOS sponsor displays.

SOS Fall Migration is a 10-day Adult party that you won’t want to miss.  So, make plans now to rent some North Myrtle Beach Real Estate from September 15-24, 2017 and come dance in the streets with us.  We can’t wait to party with you.

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