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Myrtle Beach has a Sense of Humor—Check out the Comedy Clubs on the Grand Strand

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Myrtle Beach has a Sense of Humor—Check out the Comedy Clubs on the Grand Strand

There are many exciting things to do on the Grand Strand with all of the top-notch restaurants, thrilling water parks, excellent shopping centers, theaters, shows and fun attractions.  We also have comedy clubs that get great reviews.  If you are looking for things to do in Myrtle Beach that are fun, engaging, and little outside of the box, why not try one of our local Myrtle Beach Comedy Clubs.

Listed below are the names, addresses and descriptions of our comedy clubs, so you can check them out for yourself:

Carolina Comedy Club Myrtle Beach, SC located at 1318 Celebrity Circle, is in the heart of Myrtle Beach at Celebrity Square, Broadway at the Beach.  It is touted as Myrtle Beach South Carolina’s Number #1 Comedy Club bringing you the biggest names in comedy as seen on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, E!, Showtime and many more.  It was designed and built from the ground up to be one of the premier comedy clubs in the country.  Some of the comedians that have been showcased at the Carolina Comedy Club are Chelsea Lately, Pauly Shore, Ralphie May, Tommy Davidson and Gallagher.

In addition to their great shows, the Carolina Comedy club also features the Back Stage Bar and Grill that is serves amazing food—not the normal bar food.  So, go early or stay late and enjoy some delicious food, great drink specials, and laugh the night away at the Carolina Comedy Club.  For more information, go to  According to EriT below, he and his family really enjoyed the show:

Saw family friendly show then stayed for the secondMy boys and wife loved it. Really well-designed floor plan. No bad seats. Good comedians. Great staff. Only thing that kept it from 5 star was horrible beer selection. Blue moon and Heineken were the closest to craft brew. Not one ipa but every possible domestic beer. Nothing local. Food was surprisingly good for a comedy club. Wings were really good. Wife liked her salad and the burger was massive. Good prices for a club. They have drink specials that just sort of appear as the show goes on. Definitely check it out maybe the owner will get better beer. The waitress said she asked him to do so. No bad seats.”

Comedy Cabana Myrtle Beach, SC located at 9588 North Kings Highway, is Myrtle Beach’s only 5-star Comedy Club for 23 years and running featuring three new professional comics weekly.  You will see comics featured on Comedy Central, Jay Leno, Last comic Standing, David Letterman, BET and Jimmy Fallon.  Some of the comics that have performed at Comedy Cabana are Lewis Black, Bob Nelson, Josh Blue, Gary Valentine, Jimmy “JJ” Walker, Pauly Shore, Dave Attell and Jackie Martling.  According to the Comedy Cabana website, “Only the best of the best have performed on our stage and they just keep coming!”  See them live at the locals and tourists favorite place to laugh since 1996.  For more information, go to  According to the reviews below, the shows are hilarious:

JuliaD—”Great place, Awesome Comedians!  Tonight was my first time at Comedy Cabana. The service was great. My server was Calie and she was very sweet and took our order as soon as we sat down. In between each comedian she checked on us to see if we needed anything else. The host of the show did an awesome job and each comedian leading up to the headliner was great, too. The headliner was hilarious and even brought my dad into one of his jokes. Too funny. I loved that at the end of the show each comedian was there to personally talk to you and take photos with. The headliner even said to add him on Facebook, which I did. For a Wednesday evening show, I was really happy to see such a big turnout. Overall, a really great time. I am from out of town, but when I come back to visit I will definitely stop here again.”

Seanjr1—”My face hurts from laughing so hard! I am local in Myrtle Beach. My family and I attend comedy cabana once every few months. This comedy club gets THE BEST TALENT. I don’t write many reviews…but felt compelled for this place because it is just exceeds expectations. I’ve seen so many shows so it’s hard to pick a favorite. But you don’t need to overthink this. There is a couple comics before the headliner and they ALL end up being fabulous. And bonus….the pizza is actually delicious.”

Carolina Improv Company Myrtle Beach, SC located at 10177 North Kings Highway, is the only improv comedy theater and training center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  According to their website, “If you’re looking for affordable things to do and entertainment in Myrtle Beach, Carolina Improv is the place for you!  We continue to rank #1 on TripAdvisor for Nightlife Attractions and are suitable for all ages.”

At Carolina Improv, shows are similar to the TV show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”.  The shows are performed by local residents of Myrtle Beach (most of whom are not actually from here) and are ensemble style (a group of performers using their wit and creativity to act out various skits). Improv means the performance is unrehearsed and off-the-cuff, so at certain points in the show audience members are asked to shout out random things such as occupations, song titles, and other random topics that are used to create the scenario that will be acted out.  The show is created through audience participation which is encouraged and sometimes essential for the show.

A variety of shows are offered at Carolina Improv Company offers, both family friendly and 18+.  The difference between a family friendly show and an 18+ show is the use of sexual innuendo.   For more information, go  According to the reviews below, the show will keep you laughing:

LyndaW—”I’ve been to many comedy clubs from all over the country including CA. I will say going to this improv is the FUNNIEST comedy I’ve EVER SEEN HANDS DOWN!!  I loved the audience interaction, the rawness of the participants and so much more. If you’re a local or visiting the area, this is a MUST SEE!”

MikeM—”My Family had a blast. Lots of fun for your money. Definitely going again!”

Hypno Jimbo at the Five Star Venue, located at 3253 Waccamaw Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a one of a kind hypnosis show production.  You can volunteer, and the show will be all about you.  Hypno Jimbo has hypnotized people from coast to coast and in the Caribbean and is now doing a residency at the Five Star Venue performing five nights a week, leaving his audience in stitches.

The website states, “Come and learn how the art of hypnosis works and then you will want to volunteer to be a part of the show. Participants can be guaranteed they will not cluck like a chicken, or bark like a dog. Any unoriginal hypnotist would do that. Hypno Jimbo believes every participant should walk away with a fun and positive experience. The Hypno Jimbo Comedy Hypnosis show is something you will have to see to believe!”  For more information, go to  The reviews below say that the show is amazing and will make you a believer in hypnotism:

TGwatts—”DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW WHEN IN MYRTLE BEACH!!!! Hardest I have laughed in years. Walked in a “non-believer” walked out “BELIEVING”. Had a great time with great people.”

TravisR—”You Have To See This Show!  Hypno Jimbo has an amazing show! I was a sceptic going into the show, but after my girlfriend was put under I 100% believe! This is one of Myrtle Beach’s best shows. It was funny, exciting, and enjoyable. Suitable for any ages 2-100. Thanks for a great night Jimbo!”

Based on the reviews, you cannot go wrong with any of these Comedy shows.  You came to the beach to have a good time, so pick a show, go, and laugh the night away!

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