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Melissa Skidmore’s Photography—Taking Pictures on the Beach for 15 Years

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Melissa Skidmore’s Photography—Taking Pictures on the Beach for 15 Years

Melissa Skidmore & Family

In the late afternoon, on a warm summer day, as the waves roll peacefully in, you will usually find Melissa Skidmore, owner of Melissa Skidmore Photography, on the North Myrtle Beach shore taking pictures of tourists and locals as they cavort in the waves or pose on the sand.  How could anyone ask for a more beautiful, natural backdrop?

Melissa has been taking photographs of families and children on the beach for 15 years.  Many of her clients are tourists that return year after year to get their pictures taken while on vacation.  When asked what she liked best about being a photographer, Melissa responded, “Meeting all sorts of new people from all over the country.  I love to see the families and how they have grown and changed as they return year after year to have me take their pictures.  I have clients who vacation here and have had me take their pictures for 15 years.”  Apparently, the vacationers feel the same about Melissa based on the reviews below:

Erica Ann:  “I highly recommend Melissa! She is an awesome photographer and a sweetheart! She was able to capture special family moments for us at the beach that we will continue to treasure! Planning to book her on future trips to Myrtle Beach!”

Kayla N:  “We came from WV to vacation this year in Cherry Grove and being a photographer myself I cannot say enough about Melissa and her work! She was fabulous and great with my 7yr old and my twin 15month olds! I can’t wait to see what she captured! She was sweet as sweet could be! Her work speaks for itself!”

Casey T:  “This was by far the most amazing photographer. Captured our family in the most amazing way… Makes choosing photos very difficult because they are all amazing … We will use her every year we go to the beach.”

Melissa grew up in Trinity, North Carolina, which is approximately three hours Northwest of Myrtle Beach, SC.  She became interested in becoming a photographer at the age of eight when she took her first picture of the Cinderella Castle in Disney World.  That is when she decided she wanted to be a photographer when she grew up.

During Melissa’s school years, she didn’t give her career choice much thought as she participated in dance and cheerleading during high school until she took a multimedia class.  Her art teacher recognized Melissa’s budding talent as a photographer and suggested that she pursue a career in photography.  Melissa applied, submitting a portfolio of her work, and was accepted into the Photography Program at Randolf Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina, one of the nation’s top Photography schools.

Melissa had vacationed in beautiful North Myrtle Beach Condos while growing up as often as possible.  She loved the ocean views, gentle climate and playful atmosphere.   Melissa decided it would be the perfect place to start her career as a photographer.  She relocated to the Grand Strand, bought a North Myrtle Beach Condo and began her photography career with a North Myrtle Beach Photography Studio.

As Melissa pursued her career and enjoyed all the amenities of North Myrtle Beach, she met and married her husband, Trey.  Trey is a commercial contractor, and Melissa has started her own business as Melissa Skidmore Photography.  She and her husband have two beautiful daughters, Carter, age 6 and Chesney, age 4, that love to dance. Chesney is a born actor and loves to sing.  They also model for clothing boutiques as Melissa takes and submits their pictures.

Melissa’s oldest daughter, Carter, is a competitive dancer and just won Extreme Platinum and First Overall in the Photogenic contest with a picture that Melissa took and submitted.  It appears that Melissa’s talent, taking photographs and portraits, is a great asset to her daughters as well as tourists renting Myrtle Beach Real Estate and locals living in Myrtle Beach Real Estate.

Melissa takes pictures of weddings, graduates, families, and children.  She also shoots school portraits, Christmas portraits, and wedding portraits.  Melissa’s clients have the opportunity to choose the location that they would like to have their picture taken.  She normally takes pictures at the beach, local farms and wineries among the grape vines, but she has also taken pictures in flower fields, on school buses and at Atalaya castle in Pawleys Island.  She is willing to accommodate location requests if possible.  Her clients say that she is very professional, easy to work with, great with children, and has a sweet disposition per the reviews below:

Meg E:  “I just received my wedding photos from Melissa, and I could not be happier!!! She did such a wonderful job that ALL of them are my favorites!! I felt so comfortable throughout the day because she was very organized and worked so swiftly that we were ahead of schedule on the wedding day!! Thank you Melissa for capturing these memories for us. :)”

Ashley J:  “Melissa’s so talented and fantastic with children. I love seeing her vision come together. For our last shoot our baby was uncooperative and fussy, but she remained patient and so sweet. We ended up with the most gorgeous shots! I don’t know how she got them. I can’t say enough about how kind and easy she is to work with!”

As you can see, Melissa’s clients love her work.  If you would like Melissa Skidmore’s Photography to help you capture your memories when you vacation at the beach in Myrtle Beach Real Estate or if you are a local living in North Myrtle Beach Real Estate, you can call Melissa at  843-450-0924 or email her at or


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