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Meet Our New Realtor®-Sue Kobiela

Meet Our Team

Meet Our New Realtor®-Sue Kobiela

Hi, we are back to introduce you to one of our newest Better Homes and Gardens Elliott Coastal Living Real Estate Agents in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Sue Kobiela.  Sue was born and raised in New York where her dad was an electrical engineer and her mom was a homemaker.  One day, her dad decided to move to Pine Island, NY and become an Organic Farmer.  This was quite a culture shock for Sue, but she adjusted and the Organic Farm is still in operation today.

After high school, Sue went to cosmetology school and became a hairdresser in Middletown, New York.  She got married and had two children, a son and daughter.  Her daughter moved to North Myrtle Beach and started her family, having a son.  Of course, Sue wanted to be near her grandson, so she bought a North Myrtle Beach condo for sale and relocated.

After relocating to North Myrtle Beach, Sue began her own business, Farm Girl Kitchen.  Eventually, Sue decided that she would like to leave the restaurant industry and start selling Myrtle Beach real estate.  We are happy to announce that after she completed Real Estate School, she decided to join our company, Better Homes and Gardens Elliott Coastal Living in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Let’s find out how Sue plans to get her beach real estate business started.

Q:  Sue, there are many Myrtle Beach real estate agencies but you chose BHGRE.  Why?

A:  I decided to work with Better Home and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living because it has a good brand name, and I did meet some people that work with BHGRE.  They told me it was a great place to work, with friendly staff and a pleasant work culture.  They also offer a lot of support and additional training that is very beneficial to real estate agents.

Q:  How will you market yourself to a potential client that causes them to choose you as their agent?

A:  You have to believe in yourself, which I do.  I am a hard worker, and I will go above and beyond to find my client the best possible fit, in the least amount of time, by listening carefully to their requirements for the property they are seeking.

Q:  What assets do you have that will contribute to your success as a beach real estate agent?

A:  I love North Myrtle Beach due to its positive culture in all locations.  After living and working here for several years, I can tell my clients about all the amenities and features of various locations in the Myrtle Beach area.  Whatever my clients are looking for in the purchase of a Myrtle Beach real estate property, I can lead them to it.

Q:  Now that you are a North Myrtle Beach real estate agent, what do you like best about the job?

A:  One of the best things about being a beach real estate agent is being right on the beach.  It is such a beautiful area and has so many oceanfront condos, oceanfront houses and other beach real estate for sale. Having the opportunity to show such beautiful Myrtle Beach Real Estate for sale is a bonus.  I also like being an independent beach real estate agent, making my own hours, and I can as successful as I choose to be.

Q:  As a real estate agent at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living in the Myrtle Beach area, you will not have set office hours, so you have to be self motivated.  What motivates you?

A:  Making a living is definitely one motivation, but I am also a people person.  I enjoy talking to different people.  I want to make my clients happy and take care of their beach real estate needs.

Q:  When you list a house for a client in the Myrtle Beach area, what means of marketing will you use to reach other realtors and potential clients?

A:  The MLS is the number one tool to reach both clients and realtors, as well as the other internet options available to me through Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living.

Q:  How will you create your client base as a Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent?

A:  I will create my client base through prospecting and mailouts.  I also have developed a sphere of influence through the many people I met when I worked in the Restaurant Industry.

Q:  What do you think will be the most rewarding aspect of your job as a real estate agent for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living in Myrtle Beach?

A:  I look forward to making my clients happy and their beach real estate experience pleasant and successful.  A happy client usually means that they will return to you for their future beach real estate needs, as well as, refer you to their friends and family who would be buying or selling Myrtle Beach Real Estate.  It will also be a pleasure to be a part of the success that Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living brings to this area.

Sue Kobiela is ready to get her business started.  If you would like to have Sue buy or sell Myrtle Beach Real Estate for you, call Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at 843-2805704.

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