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Meet Leah Speer, Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent

Leah Speer Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent

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Meet Leah Speer, Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent

Hello!  We are back again to introduce you to our newest Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living Real Estate Agent, Leah Speer.  Leah’s lived in several different states due in part to her father’s military career and in part her own adventurous pursuits.  To name a few, she was born in Colorado, spent her middle school years in Hawaii, graduated from high school in Virginia, and enjoyed sorority life while in college in Tennessee.

Leah’s parents were both in the Air Force when they met in Greece, fell in love and got married.  Leah’s father was career Air Force, but her mother became a writer.  Her mother wrote and published eight novels, two of them were set in Northern Ireland.

After Leah graduated from high school, she attended Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) where she was a proud sister of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, and she graduated from George Mason University in Virginia with a degree in Communications with a minor in Marketing.  She then headed up to New York City where she began a 20-year career in Marketing and Photography.

A couple of years later, she moved to San Diego where she worked marketing by day and Tommy Bahama, nights. While working at Tommy Bahamas in La Jolla, California, Leah met another coworker that she soon fell in love with. In 2012, the two moved to Myrtle Beach, happy his parents were close by in Tidewater Plantation in North Myrtle Beach. Not long after, they became engaged and the couple moved to Easton, Maryland—wedding in nearby Haymarket, Virginia.  Shortly after arriving in Maryland, winter descended upon them and they realized that they wanted to move back to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, so they started a job path that would get them back to our beautiful beaches.

It took Leah and her family eight years to transition back to Myrtle Beach via Charleston and then Sandestin, Florida before they finally reached their destination, the Grand Strand.  Her husband is currently a manager at the Tommy Bahama store in the Market Common in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  They have three handsome boys, ages nine, eight and two.

In 2015, along with Katrina Epp, Leah co-authored a book that was published, “Pour Me Some Wine:  A Toast to the Mama Sisterhood”.  The book is a compilation of Mommy stories paired with wine recommendations.  It sounds like an interesting read.  In fact, on Mother’s Day weekend 2016, Leah and her co-author appeared on the daily morning news/talk program “Fox and Friends” that airs on the Fox News Channel–interviewed by new mommy and anchor, Ainsley Earhardt of South Carolina.

Leah stays pretty busy working and rearing her three boys, but she does make time for her hobbies.  She loves to jog, play golf, run challenge groups as coach for Beachbody and sneak in an occasional tap dance.  Though her utmost delight is in her monthly “moms night outs” with her friends where they indulge in dinner, drinks, endless laughter and conversation, followed by a movie.

Leah joined Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2015 in the marketing department, but she had always had an interest in real estate.  She had never pursued it due to moving so much with her husband’s job relocations, but recently they’ve decided to put down roots in Myrtle Beach to raise their children.  So, earlier this year, Leah decided the time was right to become a Beach Real Estate Agent and earned her South Carolina Real Estate License.   Let’s find out how Leah feels her newest endeavor as a beach real estate agent is going.

Q:  Leah, there are many real estate agencies located in North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, and along the Grand Strand, but you chose BHGRE. Why?

A:  Since I have been working for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coasting Living as a marketing associate, I have gotten to know the fabulous people that work for the company.  They are nice, helpful and fun to work with, making the office atmosphere very congenial.  The company is also very reputable and well known on the Grand Strand.

Q:  How will you market yourself to a potential client that causes them to choose you as their agent?

A:  I will market myself as a local mom who can relate to the dreams of finding the perfect home for their family.  My focus is going to be to sell my clients’ homes for the best possible price and help them find their next best home or find a home by the beach to raise their children.  I know where all the parks, family-friendly restaurants, Targets, and family-oriented neighborhoods are located.

Q:  What assets do you have that will contribute to your success as a beach real estate agent?

A:  Since I have been in marketing for 20 years, I know a lot about social media and Facebook advertising that can really get my listing a lot of exposure.  I am also a photographer, so I can take professional pictures of the houses that I list, which really is an asset, because the pictures are much better due to being able to make adjustments to the lighting and exposure which makes the pictures of the rooms great.

Q:  Now that you are a Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent, what do you like best about the job?

A:  I really like all of the resources that are available to me that makes it easier to assist my clients and answer questions almost immediately.  For example:  By using the mobile MLS app, I can send listings directly to my clients without wasting a second.

Q:  As a real estate agent at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living in the Myrtle Beach area, you will not have set office hours, so you have to be self motivated.  What motivates you?

A:  Enhancing my family’s lifestyle is a huge motivation for me.  I want them to be able to play any sport they want to participate in and also be able to show them the world.  Therefore, I plan to set schedules and rigidly adhere to them, so I can stay focused and make things happen for them.

Q:  When you list a house for a client in the Myrtle Beach area, what means of marketing will you use to reach other realtors and potential clients?

A:  I am a huge fan of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest which I will use to promote interest in my listings.  I’m especially a fan of Facebook Advertising which will guarantee my listings maximum exposure. There are specific apps that I can use to keep in touch with other contacts including realtors, so they know when a listing becomes available.

Q:  How will you create your client base as a Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent?

A:  Since I have lived in the Myrtle Beach area intermittently for about 14 years, I will use local contacts and social media to reach out to residents who currently live here, as well as in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states, who do not live here yet, but are curious about living on the Grand Strand with all of its beautiful beaches and great amenities.

Q:  What do you think will be the most rewarding aspect of your job as a real estate agent for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living in Myrtle Beach?

A:  I will really enjoy building relationships with my clients while I am helping them reach their goals or achieve their dreams, whether it is selling their house for the price they want, or more, or finding their dream home to raise their family.

Leah Speer sounds like she can’t wait to help her clients make their dreams come true by assisting them as they search for their perfect home to rear their family near the beach, or sell their current house for the best price possible.  If you would like for Leah to buy or sell your piece of Myrtle Beach real estate, please call Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at 843-280-5704 and we will put you in contact with her.

  • Leah Speer Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent
  • Leah Speer Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent
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