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Making the Unbelievable, Believable!!  Magic Shows on the Grand Strand!

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Making the Unbelievable, Believable!!  Magic Shows on the Grand Strand!

Welcome to the beach and all of its amenities—the sun, sand, beach, rolling waves, great restaurants, waterparks, amusement parks and more acres of shopping than you can possibly cover in one trip.  If that is not enough to keep you busy, or if you are looking to do something astounding, mystifying, almost impossible to believe, and hilarious, you need to adventure into the World of Magic on the Grand Strand.  We have several magic shows featuring renowned magicians that are getting excellent reviews.  Listed below are four different venues with brief summaries, so you can decide if you might want to catch one of these outstanding acts:

Pure Magic Show Myrtle Beach is playing at the Calvin Gilmore Theater located at 8901 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Voted “Magicians of the Year” by the Myrtle Beach Herald, the Wagsters are being described as a charming illusionary duo.  Their show features magic, comedy, drama, and amazement with magic acts boasting sleight of hand, disappearing acts, card tricks, and more.

The Wagsters are not new to the Carolina Opry as they have performed in Gilmore’s Thunder and Light as well as The Carolina Opry Christmas Special for the past two years.  According to Gilmore, “This is the sort of intimate magic show that every family loves and Myrtle Beach has had a void in this area of entertainment. It’s the best kind of good clean family fun. The Wagsters are young, charming and talented, their star will rise quickly. People of all ages love this appealing and compelling show.”

According to the Pure Magic Myrtle Beach reviews below, you won’t be disappointed:

Transplant400—” Really enjoyed the Wagsters magic show today performed by the young couple, The Wagsters. They put their heart and soul into the show and left you amazed with their illusions. Even the simplest routine left you wondering… did they do that ! They are top notch magicians and any age would be entertained by this show.

After the show they graciously greeted everyone in the lobby and expressed their appreciation that you came to the show. Go see Pure Magic, you won’t be disappointed!”

AshleyC—“Magnificent!!  Absolutely wonderful. It was not at all what I expected but better. All the kids was amazed as well and now I have three magicians in my house.”

ReserveMBCust–“Excellent! Tickets for Pure Magic were so quick and easy to order off We took our boys, ages 9 and 12, to see the Pure Magic Show with the Wagsters.  We all had a great, entertaining time! Thank you!”

Eddie Armbrister’s World of Wonder Magic and Illusion Show is playing at the Five Star Venue located at 3253 Waccamaw Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Get ready to be amazed by this family-friendly magic show featuring large illusion stage props, dynamic choreography, high-impact musical accompaniment and hilarious audience participation!  Watch as his beautiful assistants appear and disappear and are miraculously sliced, diced and impaled with swords and blades without injury.

Eddie received his first magic set for Christmas when he was six years old and has been enthralled with magic ever since.  Like all kids, he wanted to be a super hero and do the impossible, and he learned that through magic, he could do the impossible.  According to his information, Eddie creates “energetic, high-powered, mind-blowing illusion – Magic the way it should be!”

The Comedy and Magic of Kevin Lee is playing at the Carolina Comedy Club located at 1318 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Kevin has been featured on Comedy Central, HBO, America’s Got Talent, and Last Comic Standing as he seems to make the impossible, possible.  It is difficult to tell who is enjoying the show more, the adults or the children, as they watch the renowned magician and comedian’s Vegas-style magic show that is jam-packed full of amazing magic.

You won’t be able to keep your eyes off of the stage as you watch Kevin’s breathtaking pyrotechnic stunts, the most amazing chainsaw juggling, fire eating, and epic magic.  There will also be hilarious audience participatory segments with wall to wall laughs.  Below, KimothyM highly recommends the show:

“The show was good and interactive with audience. We attended the family show and everyone seemed to enjoy it..even the kids! I highly recommend for the cost.”

Comedy Magic Show Starring Michael Bairefoot is playing at the GTS Theatre located at 1220 Port Drive, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The audience will wonder how Michael did it as he uses music, audience participation, sleight of hand, and other magic secrets to perform jaw-dropping feats that leave the audience stunned.  He creates his own unique and personal style of world-class magic.  You will be left astounded and laughing hysterically throughout the entire show.

Michael Bairefoot is currently the most award-winning magician in American and has gathered more than 30+ first-place awards alone.  According to his bio, “He also is the “Magic Idol” for all magicians, a title awarded to him by the prestigious International Brotherhood of Magicians’ at one of their national magic conventions, which got him booked at the world-renowned Magic Castle in Holly Wood, CA.

After reading the reviews below, you will know why Michael is considered “the most award-winning magician in the U. S.:

Trip Advisor-“He is funny and entertaining.  He engages the audience – especially the children – and has humor that will entertain the adults in the room without offending the younger members of the audience.”

Paula Dean—“Best magician I’ve ever seen.”

Gene Ho (Sun News)-“If magicians had a Tough Man event, Mike would win, hands down.  Great magic.”

As you can see, there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for the magic shows on the Grand Strand.  We hope you find the time to see these magicians make the impossible seem possible.  Since there is audience participation, you might get to be the star of the show.  Whatever you do, have a great time and be safe.

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