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Four Easy Ways to Bring a Touch of Spring to Your Home

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Four Easy Ways to Bring a Touch of Spring to Your Home

The sun is shining, birds are singing, and across the Grand Strand, a warm sea breeze is blowing away the last remnants of winter. Spring has finally returned, and the time is right to freshen up your home with a few much-needed improvements.

Here are a few easy tips on how to spruce up your home with a little touch of spring.

Less is More

Before we talk about adding something to your home, let’s talk about removing a few things first. After all, there’s a reason it’s called spring cleaning.

Throwing away and organizing your cabinets or closets will bring ease to your life. Do you have a designated junk drawer? Take a few minutes and have a look to see what’s in there. If it’s meaningful, keep it. If you could care less, send it the way of the disco and the dodo bird. Got a pile of clothes in your closet that you never wear anymore? Donate those bad boys to Good Will!

Trust us; nothing puts a spring in your step like a good decluttering. So get on it, ASAP.

Color, Color, Color

One of the easiest ways to bring a little spring to your home is with a fresh pop of color.

When it comes to spring colors, pastel hues tend to get all the attention, but they’re far from your only choices. Vibrant shades of green, yellow, and citrus all capture the light spirit of spring without making your entire house look like a giant Easter egg.

Brighten up your walls with a fresh coat of paint or bring in a new area rug to tie the whole room together. Even something as small as new throw pillows are enough to make a room look fresh and new.

Bring the Outdoors In…

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. Barren trees and fields that have been bereft of color all winter long are suddenly bursting with fresh emerald buds and a tapestry of colorful wildflowers.

Celebrate this spring renewal with some fresh potted plants. Are you blessed with a green thumb? Brighten up your living room with a towering ficus tree. Have trouble remembering to water your plants? Decorate your coffee table with a lovely cactus. Does every plant you touch wither and die? Invest in some beautiful plastic flowers. Whether real or fake, a touch of nature is guaranteed to brighten any home and get the whole family excited for spring.

And the Indoors Out

Don’t let the spring beautification stop at the interior. After all, with spring in the air, everyone is looking for any excuse to head outdoors.

If you have an outdoor patio or balcony, remember that you need to put every square inch to use. The most effective way to use any outdoor area is with perimeter seating. For optional flexibility, consider armless sectionals since the armless modules can also be added to elongate a straight-lined sofa.

Even if you don’t have an outdoor patio or balcony, you can still create a lovely green space at the entrance to your home or condo using some beautiful potted plants and a few unique vases. This will add both curb appeal and a whimsical springtime flair to your home.

Looking to Make a Change This Spring?

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