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Decluttering Your Home

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Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering Your Home

One crucial part of being a homeowner is decluttering your home. It is a mundane yet easy thing you can do to feel prepared and organized. Whether you are moving or staying put, take some time to clean out your spaces. It may not be spring cleaning, but fall is just as good a time to declutter. School is back in session and the holidays are right around the corner. Follow one of the below tips to jump-start the fall season and finish out the year with a clutter-free house!

Make Time

Setting aside specific times to declutter will help you not to procrastinate and really get things done. You can schedule as much or as little time as you please and are sure to focus only on decluttering during that time. If you are moving, consider starting the decluttering process early or even a year in advance. This will keep you from getting stressed out as your moving date gets closer and keep you from forgetting other important tasks.

Start Off Small

One way to make quick progress while decluttering is to start by decluttering the spaces you use the least. It won’t take as long as places you use more frequently, and it will get you in the groove of things. Get in the mindset of decluttering by training yourself to think about the value and purpose of each item. Start doing this in larger spaces like the attic and garage and by the time you will be used to it by the time you start decluttering the bedrooms and kitchen.

Avoid Nostalgia

It is easy to stop and look at old pictures and keepsakes. While it can be fun to go down memory lane, keep the reminiscing to a minimum. Stay focused on the task at hand. Set aside nostalgic items and come back to them later. You will also be able to organize easier because your regular, every day items will be in place.

No Duplicates

We often buy duplicates without realizing it. Sometimes we need something right then and there or we forget we already have an item. Other times we upgrade and keep the old one. While decluttering, get rid of duplicates. This will help you clean out your spaces faster than you think. Do keep duplicates of essentials such as storage bins and batteries.

Use Designated Areas

Create a home for all your items, large or small. Get creative with your storage containers. Use boxes or trays and be sure to repurpose them as well. As you declutter, you will probably have more empty boxes or containers to use. Don’t forget to organize your drawers as well. You can use containers and dividers to keep drawers organized. Don’t forget to utilize your furniture for extra storage. There will be more rooms on bookshelves and under the bed. Buy storage that will fit into these spaces and you will soon realize how much extra room you have to organize items.

Make Piles

Making piles will especially come in handy while organizing larger spaces. This method also helps break your things into smaller categories so that you don’t get overwhelmed halfway through the process. A few ways to categorize piles include keep, trash, shred, donate, sell, store, or recycle.

Donate Instead of Sale

Occasionally, you may have an expensive item you want to resale or that you can’t move on your own. In most cases though, you will want to donate your unwanted items. Getting items ready to sell takes up time while donating is faster and helps someone in need.

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