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Declutter and stage your home for selling in the winter

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Declutter and stage your home for selling in the winter

Many people shy away from trying to sell their home in the winter. Truth is, there can be a lot of advantages to putting up Myrtle Beach houses for sale in the winter. We’re lucky here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina because we don’t get much (if any) snow and there are plenty of sunny days during the winter that make it easier to sell Myrtle Beach real estate than selling in many other states in the country.

Many Myrtle Beach real estate agents will tell you that Spring or Summer are the best seasons to sell your beach real estate. However, many people have found success in selling their homes for sale in Myrtle Beach during the winter months…often selling closer to the asking price. In the winter, there is less inventory to choose from. Therefore, less competition and the buyers are often more serious about finding a home sooner than later—ready to jump on a home they love. Not to mention, the people who have set resolutions to buy a home in the new year and their excitement gets them out in January shopping the Myrtle Beach houses for sale.

Even so, you’ll want to come up with a declutter house plan with steps to stage your home and make it attractive, even without the long sun-filled days and vibrant blooms. For the interior of Myrtle Beach homes for sale, you’ll want to make it as bright as possible. Try turning on all your lights, opening all of your blinds and curtains. Setting timers to your lights, including your exterior lights, can help.

Myrtle Beach houses for sale must exude a cozy feel in the winter months. Tips to declutter your home may include filling one trash bag per room or creating a list of places in your home to declutter beginning with the easiest.  Of course, when selling a house, decluttering should be one of your first steps. To declutter house fast, simply set a timer and zip through the house with a basket and throw in things you know you want to donate.Whether you plan to declutter house in one day or declutter house in a week, real estate tips for decluttering can be quite helpful.  For instance, try the “four box” method.  The four boxes are as follows:  trash, give away, keep, or relocate. Each item in each room of your home should be placed into one of these boxes with no item left unplaced.

In terms of staging once the clutter has been eliminated from your home, crank up your thermostat to warm your visitors. An ideal temperature should be set at around 72 degrees. The warmth will welcome chilled home buyers and immediately give them comfort which could subconsciously set in their minds about your home. Homes for sale in Myrtle Beach can also have a touch of comfort by having your fireplace on or by placing LED candles around your home.

If it’s around the holidays, like now, do place a lovely wreath on the front door. With freshly painted doors and trim, the wreath and red berries can really make beach real estate pop! Keeping up with the exterior of Myrtle Beach houses for sale, shrubs should be properly maintained. If needed, place evergreen plants by the door to offer that feeling of nature when nothing else is in bloom.

When taking pictures of beach houses in Myrtle Beach to sell in the winter, choose a sunny day to capture the best of your home and yard. If possible, add a few pictures from the summer to show buyers what your home looks like in the sun is out, the grass is green, and everything is in full bloom. Houses for sale in Myrtle Beach should smell delightful when showing. Some ideas include baking fresh cookies, offering savory chili heated in a crock pot, or simply boiling a pot of water on the stove with apple cider and cinnamon to provide that inviting aroma that simply shouts out “welcome home”.

If you’re ready to sell, remember Myrtle Beach houses for sale in the winter—priced right—can be a better bet than waiting to sell in the Spring or Summer. Beat your neighbors and call a Myrtle Beach realty agent at Better Homes and Garden Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living today.


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