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Boulineau’s has become known as the cornerstone of Cherry Grove. The current Boulineau’s covers four square blocks and is 175,000 square feet of merchandise. It is within walking distance of the beach and has been serving locals and visitors for over 60 years. Boulineau’s is truly a one-stop shop. You can buy anything from groceries, hot food, deli food to sporting goods, clothes, shoes, and grills. Also a place of convenience, you can get gas and get your car washed here. Forget the lines at the post office, you can mail letters from Boulineau’s, too. It has anything locals and vacationers enjoying North Myrtle Beach real estate would need.

It was first opened as a small grocery store by Frank and Louise Boulineau in 1948. Along with most of Cherry Grove, it was wiped away by Hurricane Hazel in 1954. After the devastation of Hurricane Hazel, Boulineau’s was rebuilt a few years later. With the assistance of his son Frank III and Frank’s wife, Elizabeth, the grocery store expanded steadily to accommodate the demands of the growing community. In 1977, the Barnacle Beach Shoppe was added—a unique gift shoppe where you could buy beachwear, beach supplies, souvenirs, gifts, and glassware.

In 1994, Boulineau’s Shell Gas Station and Car Wash was added.  It is not only a gas station.  It is also a one-stop shop where a customer can  buy groceries, beer, sandwiches, hot dogs, ice, bait and sundries.  It is open 24 hours and the car wash has both full-service and self-service lanes to accommodate both North Myrtle Beach real estate owners and renters.

In 1995, Boulineau’s Hardware was added.  With the continued support of the locals and tourists, who were continuing to buy and move into North Myrtle Beach real estate, another expansion was necessary.  In 1998, the food court and cafeteria were added, creating 80,000 square feet of shopping on two floors with elevators and specialty departments.  They also added one of the area’s most unique and recognizable features, the Lighthouse.

In 2011, Boulineau’s Hardware was renovated to become Boulineau’s Ace Hardware to include a United Stated Post Office and a Hallmark Card Shoppe.  The hardware store is also known as the Boulineau’s Fishermen’s Headquarters, because it has an extensive selection of fishing supplies and is one of the area’s most complete fishing outfitters.

Although visitors to North Myrtle Beach, as well as locals, enjoy all departments at Boulineau’s Shopping Center, the prepared-food departments are especially busy.  Many of the local businessmen, workers, residents, retirees, and tourists have made the cafeteria a daily stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner at Elizabeth’s Kitchen.  If you are not in the mood for hot foot, Boulineau’s also has a great selection of cheeses, meats, cold salads and made-to-order subs for the sandwich lover at Buddy’s Deli.  Got a sweet tooth?  Boulineau’s also has a fabulous bakery.  You can buy freshly-made doughnuts and bakery goods or order cakes for any occasion at Betsy’s Bakery and Ice Cream.

Elizabeth’s Kitchen not only serves a cafeteria-style breakfast, lunch and dinner, it has a fabulous salad and hot soup bar with over 50 items to choose from. You can also pick up rotisserie chicken, turkey and ribs as well as made-to-order pizza which is great for tourists renting North Myrtle Beach real estate. If you choose to eat in, you can do so in their dining area with an ocean view.

For your business or social needs, Elizabeth’s Kitchen in Boulineau’s IGA does offer catering as well as a meeting/dinner room.  During the holiday season, many locals and visitors to North Myrtle Beach

catered their holiday meals complete with turkey, ham and all the traditional trimmings.  The next time you vacation in North Myrtle Beach real estate, stop by Boulineau’s and check it out.  You could spend all day in the Shopping extravaganza and not see it all.

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