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Benefits of Selling Your Home During the Winter

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Benefits of Selling Your Home During the Winter

Selling your home during the winter may not sound like a good idea at first but after taking a closer look, it may even become one of the best times to sell. In Myrtle Beach, the winters are mild so buyers looking from out of state are tempted to travel to the area just to get away from harsher winter weather. I was able to find even more benefits to selling during the winter months. From motivated buyers to energy efficiency, there are a few advantages to selling during colder months. You can have your home sold while others are still preparing to sell during the spring or summer.

Your Home Will Stand Out
It is common for there to be fewer houses on the market during the wintertime. This means that your house is likely to stand out to potential buyers. Buyers have fewer homes to choose from and sellers have less competition. Many people are preparing to sell their homes during the winter and that means the housing market is much more saturated during the spring. According to, potential buyers have as few as 5 homes to choose from in the winter and up to 30 to choose from in the spring/summer. Your chances of selling go way up during the winter!

Highlight Energy Efficiency
Winter is a great time to show how energy efficient your home can be which is a major selling point for buyers. Ways to showcase energy efficiency and make an impression on buyers is to include smart thermostats, solar panels, quality window treatments, energy-efficient dual-pane windows, new attic insulation, a newer HVAC system, cleaned air ducts and vents, and a tankless water heater. There are also ways to make your home more inviting in the winter that you can’t necessarily do during other times of the year. If you have a fireplace, feel free to use it during showings. Buyers will be able to imagine sitting by the fire on cold nights and that is something they wouldn’t think about during warm weather. Winter decorations are also a way to make your home more appealing than it is during warmer times. For instance, Christmas lights and throw blankets make homes look cozier and inviting.

Motivated Buyers
Buyers are more serious during the wintertime. Some reasons for this include job relocation or their living situation changing abruptly. During warmer months, sellers attract “fair-weather buyers” or people that are simply looking to look. January tends to be a big month for new hires and relocations as well. Many buyers that have to relocate for a new job receive assistance or relocation benefits as well-meaning you are more likely to sell at your asking price and there will be less negotiating. Another reason buyers are more likely to buy at an asking price is that there are fewer options, and they don’t want to lose out on a good deal. Just make sure you do your pricing is competitive to other asking prices on the market.

Be Your Real Estate Agent’s Top Priority
Your real estate agent will be able to help you more during the winter months because they usually have fewer clients. This means that you get your real estate agent’s undivided attention! There will be more time for them to focus on you and marketing and selling your home. Many agents are stretched thin during the summer months and have an overload of clients. Selling during the winter means your house will receive the attention it needs to sell when you need it and will stand out on the listings. Not only do you have more motivated buyers during the winter, but more motivated real estate agents as well!

Are you looking to sell this winter? Contact one of our agents today!

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